She's Back!
Well, not really, but exactly 3 weeks after Frances, Jean passes us by then loops back and hits almost exactly where Frances had made landfall.
Frances was huge (the size of Texas)
Frances was real slow (30 hrs.+)
Jupiter was in the southwestern eyewall, the eye (3 hr), and the southeastern eyewall.
Jeanne was smaller (1/2 size of frances)
Jeanne was fast (12 hrs.)
Jupiter went through the southern eyewall very near the eye.
Saturday started out beautiful, got really breezy, and by late afternoon it was windy.

Buddy was on patrol, here at the Johnson home.

There was really nothing to see before dark, and Jeanne didn't sound any worst than Frances had. This time we were in the southern eyewall the entire time - we never broke into the eye like last time - so the wind was from the west. (first coming from the northwest, shifting to coming from the southwest)
Jeanne was 3 X faster than Frances, and by sun up it was all over. We slept through most of it. Frtances had started Friday night, lasted all day Saturday, we went through the eye early Sunday am for 3 hours, and had western side of the storm until well after sun up. . . I like the quick ones, like jeanne, better.
Buddy went out as soon as there was light at all. I went out at a little after 6 am and saw this.
Ted & Juanita's screen enclosure got creamed! As did one across the lake. See below.
I think a small tornado must have come from across the lake and hit that screen and then Ted's. Houses on both sides of the 2 damaged ones are fine - just a couple of screens out.
Buddy called Ted and I took photos for insurance. Then Buddy pulled down the metal that was swaying in the wind for safety's sake.
We got on our bikes to see the neighborhood.

Several blocks down Winding Lake there was a big tree across the street. Several neighbors were out sawing, as the road was not passable.
Several blocks further on was flooding, but this was about as bad as we had in the Shores, I think.

It was gone by the afternoon.

The drains had been clogged with leaves and sticks during the night, but once they were raked off the drains the water emptied into the lakes quickly.
When we got back Buddy started getting the limbs out of the street in front of our end of Winding Lake.
The LaPlacas came walking by - checking out the neighborhood, too. They did OK at their place, just the usual mess.

I'm so impressed !

The town of Jupiter was out before 8 am. They rolled in, and removed dangerous hanging limbs and the big tree across the road in no time!

And the great Jupiter Water was there - pure - through both hurricanes!

Now that's a great town!

We lost a lot of fruit, but no more limbs on the Ruby Red. Note how the wind completely stripped the leaves and fruit from the right side of the tree but not the left.

And the wind was not blowing hard enough to move the fruit very far from the tree.
Dogman's ex-house had the lake a lot closer than usual, but no big trees down this time.
This is the lake at the high-water mark. Jeanne brought 8-10 inches water, and the ground was still saturated from Frances.
The water was up to the little palms at 6:30 am Sunday.
By Tuesday afternoon it was down approaching the "normal" level.

We also got power back at 2:30 Tuesday afternoon. It was out 66 hours.
And once again in September 2004, we had been through a big hurricane and gotten pretty back to normal in just a few days. (except for the trees being almost totally leafless when they should be FULL of green leaves. It's so strange; all morning the once shady front yard is now full sun.)
For the 2nd time in 3 weeks, We are very fortunate!

As soon as I got in the hammock, this beautiful egret came and sat across the lake for a while. I guess we're back in PARADISE again.
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